The Change

Story Thus Far

The date is June of 2009, and negotiations are underway for American combat troops to leave Iraq by October 2010. U.S. acceptance — even tentatively — of a specific timeline would represent a dramatic reversal of American policy in place since the war began in March 2003. Many point out that a military withdrawal from Iraq, however, will precede escalation in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other areas in the Middle East. Recent drone strikes in and around the Swat valley in Pakistan, praised by U.S. intelligence as a new generation of cost-effective warfare, have generated criticism from some members of the international community. Since last fall, the Predator drone attacks have eliminated about half of 20 U.S.-designated “high-value” al-Qaeda and other extremist targets along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan. The strikes have also caused a large quantity of civilian casualties, however, as public opinion, especially in Pakistan itself, becomes more hostile toward the United States.

This is a crucial chapter in America’s history as it battles rising discontent from within and without. Activism is at its highest point since the Vietnam War, and many are concerned with America’s use it’s secret prison facility in Guantanamo Bay. Some are suspicious of other illicit government activities; groups viewed by the government as dissident political organizations fear that the due process of the law will serve as little protection from covert government attack. One of these organizations, The Weathermen, a radical left organization founded in 1969 thought by many to be defunct, has reorganized in the mountains of Idaho and is looking for new recruits.

This is where our story begins…

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